Damansara Uptown, Petaling Jaya, Selangor,

Kuala Lumpur


ID: #1714
Price: RM 2,800
Type: Condo
Contract: Rental
Location: Kuala Lumpur
Bathrooms: 2
Bedrooms: 2
Area: 734sq. ft.

About Property

Family Tower
The Homes at a Glance.

30-storey Family Tower.

202 apartments and 4 penthouses.

The homes are classified as serviced apartments with a commercial title.

5 home designs ranging from 1,687 sq.ft. to 2,516 sq.ft.

All homes in the Family Tower are either semi-detached or corner units, with just 8 units per floor.

A decentralised lift core design with 2 lifts servicing 2 units on each floor.

Each home has its own Private Lift Lobby for added privacy and security.

The homes are orientated to face outwards for maximum living space frontage with premium views available from the Living Room and Master Bedroom.

Living Rooms are extra spacious with widths of up to 21 feet.

The homes feature 2.4m high windows to maximise natural light and views.

Each home in the Family Tower is provided 3 parking bays, while the penthouses are provided 6 parking bays in a garage.

Lifestyle Tower
The Homes at a Glance.

32-storey Lifestyle Tower.

170 apartments and 4 penthouses.

4 home designs ranging from 734 sq.ft. to 1,040 sq.ft.

The homes are classified as serviced apartments with a commercial title.

The majority of these are designed as corner units for optimum views.

Only 6 units per floor, served by 4 lifts located in a central lift core.

The homes feature 2.4m high windows to maximise views and natural light.

Open plan interiors make great use of space.

The homes are orientated to face outwards for maximum living space frontage with premium views available from the Living Room and Master Bedroom.

If you choose a home in the Lifestyle Tower, you enjoy the added bonus option of purchasing your home with a fully furnished interior design package, specially created by our pre-selected interior design consultant.

The Optional Furnishing Package includes the smart, space-saving U-box or Utility Box. This ultra-organised, multi-purpose utility conceals laundry equipment, cleaning utensils and household storage behind sleek, custom-designed built-in cabinets.

Each home in the Lifestyle Tower is provided 2 parking bays, while the penthouses are provided 4 parking bays each.

General amenities

  • Air conditioning
  • Bedding
  • Cleaning after exit
  • Cofee pot
  • Computer
  • Dishwasher
  • DVD
  • Fan
  • Fridge
  • Grill
  • Hairdryer
  • Heating
  • Hi-fi
  • Internet
  • Iron
  • Juicer
  • Parking
  • Roof terrace
  • Smoking allowed
  • Toaster
  • Towelwes
  • Use of pool
  • Video


Listed by wangguok ling

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根を下ろすために商売をしないのではなく、稼いだ収益源を残した」とは私の人生であろうと…。あなたの土地としてエージェント、嬉しいです。提供の住宅売買および関連の全方位的な、ワン・ストップサービスを提供している。 サービスの特徴:不動産も、移動の特性のため、私は研究調査を行い、これを刑法が精巧な評価報告書で、一対価値を了然于胸にこたえて敵を遮断し、取引を最大の収益を上げた。 あなたのために無料でデザインを最も相応しいあなたの融資を提供する案などを検討し、良質のサービスと優遇金利を、あなたを心配で貸し出しを運び、銀行間で。できて、あなたのカラオケでさらに、標的と自信を示した。 顧客ニーズを確保する案を作成してみた、提供で確かな市场分析と投資提案報告するほかなかった。 担当を顾客に提供するために不動産売買や賃貸、投資などの関連業務の相談役のサービス、解答顧客の問題などを整えるオーダーメイド型の解決策については、顧客確保の満足度は最高です; 代理賃貸:電話、直訪問などの方式やオフィステルなどの不动产のプロジェクト租售部に代行業務取引関系を担当し、顾客のために賃貸住宅などの取引でフルコース代行業務を确保するため、完成賃貸取引する任務を担っている; アフターサービス、案内を顾客には、お客様の協調を要請したに即して中古住宅の上場、住宅担保融資やの転送などのアフターサービス手続きをして; 同取引先を确保するため、尾行答礼訪問は顧客満足度指標だ。 しっかり覚えます:サービスを提供します、私には本気だ。 "Doing business in order to make a profit, but make the heart." for the rule of my life. As your real estate broker, I am very glad to provide you with home sales and related all-round, one-stop service. Service features: using the real estate is the characteristics of mobile, I will study and a more accurate assessment report issued, to make you realize the value of homes, to achieve the enemy and know yourself, in order to get the biggest profits in the trade. Design the most suitable for you free your loan, and to provide quality services and preferential interest rates, make you don't have to travel between Banks for loans. Choose room will make you work more targeted and confidence. According to the customer needs to set up the precise solution, make sure to provide reliable market analysis and investment advice report; Responsible for providing customers with real estate sales, leasing, investment and other related business consulting services, answer customer related issues, to provide targeted solutions, to ensure customer satisfaction to achieve the highest requirements; Leasing agent: by telephone, straight to visit methods such as property projects, such as office rental agency to establish business relationship, responsible for customer trading house leasing agency business, to ensure complete leasing trade task; After-sales service: be responsible for reception customer, according to customer's requirements of second-hand housing listing, housing loans, the transfer after procedures; Ensure timely tracking return visit to customers to meet customer satisfaction index. Remember: at your service, I, it is serious! 坚守“ 做生意不为了赚取利润,而是赚取人心.”为我人生准则。身为您的地产经纪, 我很高兴为您提供房屋买卖及相关的全方位, 一站式服务。 服务特点:利用房地产具有不可移动的特性, 我将研究调查并出具较为精准的评估报告, 使您对房屋的价值了然于胸, 做到知己知彼, 以便在交易中获取最大收益. 为您免费设计出最合适您的贷款方案, 并提供优质服务和优惠的利率, 使您不用为贷款而奔波于银行之间.会使您的选房工作更加有针对性和信心. 根据客户需求制定精准的方案,确保提供可靠的市场分析和投资建议报告; 负责为客户提供房地产买卖、租赁、投资等相关业务的咨询顾问服务,解答客户的相关问题,提供具有针对性的解决方案,确保客户的满意度达到最高要求; 代理租赁:通过电话、直访等方式与写字楼等物业项目租售部建立代理业务往来关系,负责为客户进行房屋租赁等交易全程代理业务,确保完成租赁交易的任务; 售后服务:负责接待客户,根据客户要求协助办理二手房上市、住房贷款、过户等售后手续; 适时进行客户跟踪回访工作,确保达到客户满意度指标。 记住:为您服务,我,是认真的!

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